There are many ways that we are different from the average advisor in the marketplace today. We would say there are four main areas that we differentiate ourselves from many in the industry. In summary, the four areas relate to cost, philosophy, process, and partnering with you.

Partnering for Success

We like to position ourselves' on the same side of the table as clients. We believe in providing clients access to products designed with a reasonable fee structure that is paid over time rather than a front-loaded fee schedule. We always put clients’ interests first, which means sitting on the same side of the table.


We offer a tailored approach when it comes to cost. We, of course, don't work for free, and we typically will offer a new client the option as to how they would prefer to pay for our services. We can easily arrange one of several options. Really you have three main options. One is based on a commission or fee that is assessed to a product that you own. The second is a fee for advice without the owning of a product. The final option may be some combination of the first two.

The first option involves either purchasing a product that has no direct cost to the client or will be a managed account that is assessed a fee. This commission is paid to the advisor from the company from products. The fee based products usually involve investment accounts that have a quarterly fee assessed to the platform for the management of the account. When it comes to fees on accounts, we typically will also let the client choose the desired level of complexity. If someone really wants a low cost option, we can tailor an investment philosophy to that, however we would typically not do so and take a more tactical role when it comes to asset management.

The second option is a “fee for advice” type platform. Just as you would expect, going in to speak to an attorney or a physician, we can charge a fee for advice based on the complexity and time involved in working with the client. This is usually tailored to the specific need. We do not have a boiler plate fee that we charge for certain services because we truly believe that every person’s financial situation is different just as personalities are.

The last option is simply some combination of the first two. We have some clients that would want to have us actively manage one account and take a more passive role on another. This can be done as well if someone so chooses.


When it comes to process, we believe making financial decisions is like building a house. We advise clients to first assess risk, which we believe is the foundation of one’s house. If one was building a house, the process would not begin by constructing the kitchen cabinets and then working the way down to the foundation. One must first begin with the foundation, the support of the house, then work the way to the more fun topics that are more the finishing touches on the house.

We have a lot of clients/prospects ask us what is the hot investment topic of the month or the week, which are fun to discuss. We enjoy it, but what is often more important is assessing if clients are really ready to get into these topics or not. We believe it is first important to review things such as risk management, legal documents, and over-exposure to the wrong assets or asset types.

Another great analogy is golf, if someone wanted to improve his/her golf game, would be most helpful to get new clubs or a day of lessons with a great golf pro or instructor? Obviously, if the person is willing to pay attention/learn, improving the swing is much more impactful than just using a different product. We find that sometimes there's too much focus on products rather than the process. At Innovative Wealth Partners, unless a client chooses otherwise, we like to focus on process first.


We believe that our investment philosophy and willingness to follow the clients desire is the number one thing that we can offer to serve you. At Innovative Wealth Partners we are 100% independent, and we produce NO products, so we don't have a conflict of interest in our advice. Our main focus is you!

On top of independence, the other big problem investors face today is being treated as if they are more or less created the same, with the same needs and goals. We believe that every investor is different and deserves a personalized investment plan fitting to each individual style and philosophy.

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